Saturday, June 14, 2008

Let 'em know you're there!

I have attempted to become a full time bicycle commuter.

It's sometimes complicated, a bit slow at times, and tedious when traffic is bad.

Bottom line is that bicyclists have to co-exist with motorized traffic, and that isn't always the most copacetic relationship.

One element that can surely reduce risk is a strong rear signal flasher, which allows the bicyclist to call out his/her riding position to traffic coming from behind.

I'm headed to Bike Route, one of our local cycle dealers in Gainesville, to pick up my new Knog Bull Frog 5-LED (red) rear flasher. This bad boy should scream "wake up" to traffic in my lane, and will allow me more recognition. I have a right to that small strip of pavement on the right, and I plan to use it.

Great bicycle riding tip: NEVER ride in front if a car that is waiting to turn from a stop sign or light UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE DIRECT AND DELIBERATE EYE CONTACT. Too often the motorist is turning left, not looking right...and you're coming from the right.

Always ride defensively, but be assertive about your rights as a cyclist.

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