Saturday, June 28, 2008

Get ready for retro...

I don't care if you're ready for this or not...intermittent retro photos with thoughts of the past are coming your way.

Here's a shot of the old chubby me, I'd say 1981. Just finished a hare scrambles race on the KX250 that Kawasaki gave me to ride.

No, I didn't deserve it, but Ray Brumbeloe - who was the southeast head of Kaw at that time and a friend of my boss at Cycle News - hooked me up with a dirt bike.

Man, I was slow. What did I expect with a body like that? Not really fit, poor riding skills...I was a legend in my own mind.

Sure am glad I found my way to running and bicycling and the aerobic side of sport. Racing motorcycles was never my destiny...I left that to the world class athletes I met along the way.

Better to watch from the sidelines, and let the pros do what they do best!

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