Friday, June 06, 2008

Fabulous training ideas for the summer

2008 marks my 25th year of endurance sport.

The smarter I get, the older I become.

I'm back in Gainesville after a month overseas. It's brutal hot here, in the 90's with heavy humidity.

I am totally in love with the summers in Florida.

Here are some Muellerisms as related to the summer heat:
  • Pop an electrolyte tab during the morning runs...I have felt dizzy with pinging headaches, and those little magic white pills aren't only for long ultra races. If you have them - use them.
  • Drink plenty of filtered water...and add Propel (or other knock-off products) to make the water more attractive without adding calories. I'm a cheapo, so I go to Big Lots and look for deals on the drink mix...Vita Splash is one of my faves...either Immune Boost of Fiber Infusion.
  • Keep shower items and spare running outfits in multiple locations. I keep this stuff at both school, home and my girlfriend's house, so that I can grab a run without making excuses...I'm even hanging a shower rod in my office, so that I can hang all my wet clothes between runs.
  • Try bicycle commuting. It can be complicated at times, but is a wonderful way to cop added exercise and burn more calories. And, no gas tank to fill at $4 a gallon!

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