Monday, June 16, 2008

A crazy time for being...

When I was 16 years old, my father would rail me about getting a haircut.

It was a common dinner table argument. He wanted it 1970's short, and I wanted it shaggy, unmanageable, and long.

Back then he told me "someday when you get a job and support yourself, you can wear your hair any way you like."

Well, that day has come, and over the past year I decided to experiment. I stopped getting my hair cut after the 2007 study abroad trip to Australia, and after returning from this year's trip to Greece and Spain, it's still going.

Wouldn't you think my hair would have grown more than this in a year?

Growing one's hair out is an interesting proposition. Some men have told me that if they had hair, they grow it like mine. Others have said they can't remember me without my long locks. Yet others wonder just what it is I'm trying to prove.

Actually, I like the feeling of long hair. I like the way it feels when I'm in the middle of a hard ten mile run, and it's wet and slapping on my back and neck. I like the way it brings back good memories of younger years.

Thought I'd post this photo because I'm entering another season of life, and am thinking about chopping it off...found a photo in a fitness magazine of a young, fit guy with a styled haircut, so maybe I will attempt to be him.

Living life and embracing change...two of the most important factors for a master competitor.


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