Monday, May 12, 2008

Running to the peak at Mykonos

We made it to the top...almost.

This is the high peak, a winding road to a construction site on the top of Mykonos. Though I felt like "the man" after chasing Corwin and Haley (in the photo) up this steep incline, they left us behind and bushwacked up to where the goats won't climb. They moved over many man-made stone walls, and it looked as if yak poop was everywhere (I'm not really sure it was yak poop, but there was plenty of it).

Running on Mykonos is the best. Christie and I have been pushing the hills each day, find it hard to keep a jog going on many of the sections. Traveling light, I brought only one pair of running shoes - Brooks Beast with Powerstep inserts. They are doing the job well...glad I made that choice.

The Greek diet is good for the body, the salads and olives and red wine. Fit for a king on every occasion.

We are now moving through the town, searching for a bite to eat. Running and food - the pillars of life.

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