Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mykonos and dodging cars

We made the 3-hour ferry ride from Athens to Mykonos, a beautiful island of many sights and sounds. Roads are narrow, and we are told runners have no problem using the roadways for daily we will make the attempt!

Food and drink are expensive. We will take supplies back to the room at the San Marcos, our wonderful resort about a mile out of town. The students were a bit feisty last night...I had to do hall walks at 4 am and 5:17 am to stop the insanity...and one point I knocked on a door and when it open I stated "it's time."

That brought silence.

Most of the students are at the pool, cooking their skin to a golden brown. We are thinking of renting a car tomorrow, but Christie has confessed I must drive...a small car, stick shift, narrow roads...the boy in me will come out once again!

Hope to go to Paradise beach tomorrow...super paradise is the nude beach, so photos to come...I am only joking.

Time now for a view of the beach, a bottle of water, and some fruit. Life is good, I have been given a good season of life.

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