Saturday, May 31, 2008

Mindless meanderings in Jardins de Cervantes

Running for time is one of life's finest blessings.

Not being sure of the mileage, no GPS on my wrist, just a stopwatch and running and finding a loop that takes a set amount of time.

Today was to be 60 minutes, but it turned into 90 when I circled back to the hotel, and met Gabi (U of FL student) who was headed out for a jog.

It would have been downright improper if I hadn't ushered her over to Jardins de Cervantes, a small flower park that can be found about one mile northwest of the city soccer stadium on the west side of Barcelona.

The park isn't very large in proportion, but is filled with groomed flower beds. A jog through the north end of the park brings one through a wooden framework that serves as an open air tunnel; flowers and vines abound and a sweet scent is in the air.

Life is good for this PhD student wandering in Spain.

Tomorrow we head home, and reality will rear its ugly head. But so be it. The memories, experiences and mind provoking thoughts of this journey will always be part of the future and the way I experience life.

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