Wednesday, May 21, 2008

ibienvenidos a aspana!

Hope you don´t mind my cryptic attempt at a Spanish welcome, but we have transported our entire group to Madrid. We´re in an excellent hotel in the city center, where a walk or metro will take one to many parts of the city.

The cultural epicenter offers both the old and the new. Running has been a mix of frustration due to heavy foot traffic, but also enjoyment in a large city park just east of the hotel. We have just started to explore all the paths and lanes it offers. Today, as many as seven students will accompany me for a jog. It is great to share the running lifestyle and have discussions en route.

Checked out one of the two bicycle shops I have found so far, and it was quite amazing. The passion of the sport is evident in shop design, and the huge inventory of bikes and parts. Also, have located two vegetarian restaurants, which should be enjoyable over the long weekend we have over the next few days.

I am thankful to be part of this wonderful trip. I enjoy the students, and sharing their experiences. This is a good season of life, a time to reflect, learn, and plan the future.

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