Sunday, May 04, 2008

The Aussie year later

I'm packing, getting ready to leave once again...this year's it's Greece and Spain with 90 students from the University of Florida. Another dream adventure with the college of mass communications. But, just one year ago, another adventure emerged.

It was my journey into the great Australian outback.

There were last minute changes in last year's program, and I was asked to accompany the group as a student supervisor. So, with little time to spare, we were off to Sydney. I had just enough time to email a couple of the local running groups, to see if I could pick up a few runs along the way.

What happened next was truly outstanding. I was adopted by the local Aussie ultra contingent, and taken on two epic outback runs, the Great North Road and the Six Foot Track.

Epic stuff. If you'd like more detail check out the links posted in my sidebar. But it was a wonderful group, who did so much for me I don't know how I would repay them. Just great people - wonderful, open and kind to visitors like me.

I think of these runners and this trip often - most of them were much better athletes than me, and most went on to strong finishes at the 2007 Western States 100. But I was treated like an equal, and for that I will always be grateful.

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  1. Christie1:58 PM

    You forgot to mention your 1:37 Sydney half! I will always have that number in my head because it was the same day as my first marathon... Did you really have to show me up so soundly?! I am going to train hard while we are apart and make you repeat that pace when I show up in Greece...