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"Hello, my name is Tom and I'm a peanut addict"

There are many things I can do without.

Peanuts doesn't seem to be one of them.

It's the perfect food. Dense and rich and oh so delicious. And, as a vegetarian, a protein source to keep my ripped body supple and taut (OK, a bit of fantasy there).

Christie just called, she bought 12 pounds of the goobers from a student association. Much of this poundage will be delivered to my home.

Peanuts go with anything. Beer. Wine. Margaritas.

As I said, the perfect food.

I savaged my feet at the Umstead 100 mile

It was ugly, but I finished.

I was able to complete the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run near Raleigh, North Carolina on April 5-6.

Race was eight (8) 12.5 mile laps. Rain on/off entire race. If you like being wet and cold, this was the event to be at...

Ran the first 50 miles in 10:30...held an average of 2:30 per lap first 3 laps, then fell off 4th lap, right foot was starting to blister. Was wearing Adrenaline ASR's - think the water, and the fact I wasn't wearing gaiters caused grit to get into my (Brooks) crew socks. Also switched from a Runderwear long sleeve top to another Brooks top and a Brooks outer shell...wanted to wear more of my Brooks ID running tops, but it was a climate thing all day.

Knew I had trouble. Thought about dropping at 50 miles. Runners could have pacers starting lap 5, so I suggested to Christie (my girlfriend) that we walk a lap and see how things unfold. At that point switched to Brooks Beast and ThorLo socks.

We walked - all night...did laps 5-7 …